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Prime Minister Message

Aims And Objectives

Development & State Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy & Ministry of Health

The Formation Of The Faculty

Our Charter

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Homeopathy Courses

Acupuncture Courses

Homeopathic Syllabus & Curriculum





Institute Penyelidikan Perubatan Akupunktur (Berdaftar)

Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture

( RIMAc)

Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia


Year 2002 

Our New Campus Address will be

at Lot 122, Open University Garden

Kg. Gelang, Mas, Meranti

Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia


The Courses are open to all interested in Chinese Medicine


We offer Long Term & Short Term Courses

In Acupuncture, that suit your need.




4 - 7 days Theory & Practical [ 66 Hours ]

at our 15 beds Acupuncture Medical Centre.


9.00 am - 4.00 pm daily - Started every monday

Friday & Saturday  off


Course Fees

RM 2,500 ( Malay or English  language)


 Course fees include the registration, student card, examination and certificate fee.



Theory & practical training at our college hospital.


Course Fee

RM 3,500 ( Malay or English Language )


Application Form / Borang Permohonan


Note: For Foreign Student!



Visa will be granted to all student after we receive the course fee in full amount.


Date & Duration


Courses commence every week starting on Sunday and completed by Saturday.


Certification & Examination


The examination will be held in three part:


1.  Clinical Practice

2.  Written

3.  Viva ( Oral )


A minimum of 50 % marks has to be obtained by every student to qualify for certification.

Only student satisfactorily completed the course will be awarded Certificate / Diploma/ Master In Acupuncture by our Institute.


Medal For Best student


A medal / certificate will be awarded to the best student of the year who obtain the highest marks in each group.



Student must wear a white overcoat while attending the course. Overcoat can be purchase at the college - cost RM 55.00 each.



There are two types of accommodation available at our New Campus

1. Chalet Aircond RM 65.00  per night

2. Chalet Without Arcond RM 35.00 per night.

3. Hostel RM 20.00 per night ( per head )


Accommodation Monthly basis 

1. Hostel RM 300.00 per month ( per head )


By year 2002 

All student must stay at our chalets or dorm within our university compound at Pasir Mas which cost from RM 20.00 per night per person (dorm)  While RM 65.00 per night for chalet ( two person )


Exchange Rate -  January  2003

US $ 1  =  RM 3.75


(Kota Bharu to Faculty Campus at Kg. Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas  is about 12 km. Only)



Cheap and good foods available at our "University Café" in the compound of our college & Hospital.

Student may cook on their own - free and open canteen


Coffee are free at our University compound


Post-Graduate Course in Acupuncture


Student who qualify from our Institute may apply for post graduate course , either in India, Pakistan, UK or China. We have twin program with those universities.


How to apply For Admission

Your may Email direct to our Research Institute via


List of Lecturers

Prof Dr Nik Omar D.Ac., M.Ac.,MDH.,Ph.D. MRIAc

Prof Dr Mohd Nasir, D.Ac.,M.Ac.F.,M.DH, MRIAc

Prof Drs Wan Mohammad, D.Ac., MDH,MRIAc

Mr Nik Fairuz Hakim, D.Ac.,M.Ac.F.,MRIAc

H/Dr H.H. Chan, D.Ac., MDH.,


Link to our Main RIMAc Web page

Researh Institute of Medical Acupuncture.







"Don't wait till tomorrow, what you can do today"


Our New Book On Acupuncture

Clinical Acupuncture & Moxibustion


Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar & Nik Fairuz

340 Pages Book in English

Price:  RM 45.00 including postage

( Oversea US 30.00 including postage)



[ Rencana Akupunktur Dari Harian Metro]

[ Rencana[ Akupunktur Dari Harian Metro ]





Kuala Lumpur HQ: No.118 Jalan Raja Laut, KL
Kelantan Main Campus: 122 Taman Universiti, Gelang Mas, Meranti, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia Tel: 019 9401915