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The Faculty of Homoeopathy Malaysia

Service to  humanities, Efficient , 

Quality & Friendly

OUR AIMS   :Towards Excellence Homeopathic Education


The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia (FAHOM) established in 1979 as a Homeopathic College with seven students, has evolved into a highly respected College of Complementary Medicine in Malaysia.

FAHOM program is recognized for its natural approach to the traditional study of Classical Homeopathy according to the tenets of Hahnemann, as well as for its leadership in collaborating with Western medicine in the rapidly developing field of Complementary Medicine


FAHOM has a strong innovative curriculum based on the teaching of Classical Homeopathy that honors the studies of homeopathic subjects such as Homeopathic Philosophy, Materia Medica, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Organon of Medicine, etc.

A comprehensive study of the fundamental Western Medicine complements our traditional approach, providing a superior foundation in our integrated medicine

Rencana Menarik Bahasa Melayu

1. Homeopathy Berjaya Rawat Mandul 

2.  Kolej Baru Homeopathy 

3. Nik Omar pejuang Homeopati

4.  Fakulti Homeopati ke Europah 

5. Peluang Buat Ijazah Lanjutan

6. Ubat Mudah Bersalin / Ubat Selusoh

7.  Ubat Cergas Minda Homeopati

8.  Bantuan Percuma Homeopati

9.  Jangan Mudah Percaya Ubat Homeo

10.  23 Kongres Anjuran Malaysia

11.  Institusi Dalam Taman

12. Kenapa Ubat Homeopati Di Makan Cara  Gigit / Kunyah ? 

13. Nama Doktor2 Homeopati Bertauliah

14. Homeopathy Di Iktiraf Oleh USA

15.  Konferen Homeopati Se Dunia

16.  Malaysia Pusat Homeopati Dunia

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Kuala Lumpur HQ: No.118 Jalan Raja Laut, KL
Kelantan Main Campus: 122 Taman Universiti, Gelang Mas, Meranti, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia Tel: 019 9401915