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- FAHOM- (Rtgd)
 was founded by Prof. Dr. Nik Omar from Kota Baru, Kelantan, who was also the founder of The Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioner Association (MRHP), Doctors Without Barriers (International) and Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture.

Surely nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished over night. This Faculty also carries its accomplishment; a long story of two decades of devoted service of Dr. Nik Omar's dedicated studies and services to the course of homeopathy in Malaysia and worldwide.

In 1970 Nik Omar left to take Homeopathic Course at Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Homeopathic Trust Hospital. He qualified his DHMS studies in 1975 and went to London, England to further his studies in homeopathy in the morning and in the evening his runs his private at Kilburn High Street, London.

Most of his patients are Malaysian Student in London, Arabs and African. He also treated MARA students as far as Cambridge, Bounemouth and Liverpool.

In 1977 he came to Malaysia and started the first modern homeopathic clinic with full and well equipped medical instruments. At this time, homeopathy was little known and widely misunderstood. But slowly and steadily, with the abilities of cure brought about by his tiny and sweets medicines won much acclaim for homeopathy.

The Formation of Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia         

On the 10 April 1979, with only seven students, Dr Nik Omar began teaching homeopathy at his clinic and thus laying the foundation of the first registered homeopathic college in Malaysia, with the name of " The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia"

At he end of 2002 the enroll at the Faculty has reached 4000 students, locally and abroad ( 21 countries ) The module courses of homeopathic medicine are base on the credit hours of studies.

Basic Diploma Course is one year- DFHom

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science - four years -BHMS

Doctorate Course - Five Years - M.D.Hom.

In addition to the main University Campus at Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan,  there are another five Faculty of Homeopathic Medical Centres, throughout Malaysia ( Kota Bharu, Penang, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur ) which regularly provide clinical training in different subjects for local and foreign students.

The subjects of Classical Homeopathy, such as Principle of Homeopathy, Organon of Medicine, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Materia Medica and Philosophy are taught and many liberal subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, Microbiology, Hygiene, Gynecology, Obstetric, Paeditric, Medical Jurisprudence, Minor Surgery, First Aid, etc are covered.

Unfortunately at the same time, bogus institution under the name of Academy / college / Institute / Round Tables University, etc sprung up offering diploma and degree for three to six months of studies. Much harm was done to homeopathy because of this bogus institute.

Some are runs by highly professional people who hold degrees and retired professor from Engineering, Accountant etc who works as part time homeopath.

The Formation of Homeopathic             Medical Practitioners Association 

Due to this situation Dr Nik Omar and other institutionally trained homeopathic practitioners prompted the government to pass a decree and was gazette by parliament (Gazette No. 104 /84 ) by the name of  Registered Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association, just to unite all qualified homeopathic practitioners into one platform. The first founder president  is Prof Dr Nik Omar with Dr Mohammad Ali Hamzah  is its Secretary General. The headquarter are located at No.11, Bangunan Tabung Haji Lama, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

And now after 25 years of our struggles, homeopathy has been recognized by Ministry of Health Malaysia. Thanks to Prof Nik Omar and his friends in FAHOM & MRHP who always supported him in his struggles for recognization.

Homeopathic Activities                            Under The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia

With strong and united 2000 students we have organized:

200 homeopathic clinic throughout Malaysia and abroad.                                             Free treatment to rural areas in Malaysia  Served In Afghanistan with Free Fighter  Served in Pakistan Refugee Camps,Served In Thailand Nakorn  Flood Disaster Served in Sri Lanka Poorest Slum Areas, etc 

Homeopathy in Malaysia is very new, that is why Dr. Nik started giving lectures and seminars on Homeopathy. Up until 1999 he had organized 20 Homeopathic Congress locally and 3 Internationally ( 1981, 1989 , 1998 & 2000 )

In promoting homeopathy in Malaysia he has written hundred of articles about his work in local and oversea journal regularly. He speaks on homeopathy in radio's and TV's and also an active International homeopathic community and considered as the specialist and at present it is consider as one of the best homeopath in Malaysia.

Currently, he is conducting a study of infertility and homeopathic treatment, which has brought of his most celebrated successes.

With only seven students in 1979, it is becoming one of the largest followers of homeopathy in Malaysia with more then 2000 students and 500 strong members of MRHP. Besides that, Dr Nik has set up his own version of French Medical Volunteer Force, "Homeopathic Doctor Without Barrier" (DRWB).

Up till now he has been able to arrange almost 50 assignment for Malaysian volunteers including locally and oversea. He has served in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia. He is always ready with new assignment and duties to carry out the charity organizational works and he is proud of the fact that almost all his assignment is successfully done well in time. The help provided by DRWB is financed exclusively by donations and supports from public and members of his organization.

As a new form of treatment, homeopathy in Malaysia has few followers; it is the faith of the few and shows sign of becoming the faith of the many

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Kuala Lumpur HQ: No.118 Jalan Raja Laut, KL
Kelantan Main Campus: 122 Taman Universiti, Gelang Mas, Meranti, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia Tel: 019 9401915